May 19, 2020

WV Medical have offered developers, technical project managers and goods to the UK Government to assist in dealing with the global pandemic.  

By offering these services WV hopes to help keep projects and systems running and moving forward whilst staying safe through remote working by WV staff members.

We emplore other firms to follow suit and sign up here to offer goods and services: 

For more details contact:

WV Medical Press Office:

+1(619) 798-6356


About WV Medical

WV Medical, part of the WV Group, started in hospital software technology and distribution. A series of mergers in 2011, 2014 and 2019 led to the group as we see it today. WV Medical rebranded in 2020 to simplify our offerings under a single brand. We provide a host of services to clients, manufacturers, distributors and retailers including our own product line, contract manufacturing, technology and consulting services for Governments and Corporate Institutions.