November 29, 2020

Peru has secured doses of the coronavirus vaccine that could provide one dose for almost three-quarters of its population as soon as the immunization becomes available.

The Peruvian Government announced agreements on Friday with Pfizer Inc and the global vaccine distribution program COVAX. This will provide 23.1 million doses for a population of 31.9 million. Most vaccine regimes will require two doses.

The binding agreement with Pfizer is for the purchase of 9.9 million doses of its vaccine. Another 13.2 million doses are through COVAX, led by the GAVI vaccines alliance and the World Health Organization. This program is aimed at promoting equitable access to coronavirus vaccines.

Pilar Mazzetti, the Peruvian Health Minister, said this week that she expects vaccines to arrive in Peru in the first quarter of 2021. That would be in time for general elections on April 11, and vaccines will very likely be administered in voting centers.

Other companies that have been conducting trials in Peru are China’s Sinopharm and the US’ Johnson & Johnson. The ministry of health believes this will provide the country potentially allowing Peru to buy doses at a discount.

Peru is ranked third in the world for per capita mortality due to COVID-19 with 111.5 deaths per 100,000 of its population.