November 12, 2020

The Peruvian government has been committed to strengthen the health response capacity of health facilities at different levels. As part of this effort, 11 ICU beds were delivered with 8 oxygen concentrators to various hospitals. 

WV Medical in partnership with the Peruvian Government  have provided these oxygen and patient monitoring solutions to help fight the Covid Pandemic. The WV Medical Oxygen Concentrator solution delivers up to 96% pure oxygen to patients using only ambient air to generate the flow. The patient monitors provided keep track of patients' heart rate, respiratory activity, oxygen levels, blood pressure and temperature to ensure the best care for critical patients.

WV Medical is incredibly proud and humble to have been able to help provide over 3200 Oxygen Solutions for hospital beds to multiple Government departments in Latin America, and have continued to provide other devices and PPE to the Peruvian Government under extremely volatile global conditions.  

More information about the distribution and the press release can be found here:

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