During the COVID-19 pandemic and increasing cases worldwide, supply and logistics were stretched to the limits. Hospitals, clinics, and field hospitals were overrun with cases and supplies running low. They needed critical equipment and supplies within weeks, not the months that the medical supply chain was used to when shipping by ocean. It was no longer an option. Lives depended on getting the required equipment and supplies to the first responders and medical staff fighting the battle on the front lines. Unfortunately, the logistics and healthcare supply chains were not ready for the demands of a surging pandemic.

WV Medical was facing the same challenges that other medical manufacturers and suppliers were facing. WV Medical reached out to their logistics partner network and started looking at workarounds and other options that can provide solutions to deliver goods faster. 

One of the partners, the IAG group, provided an innovative solution where existing passenger planes that have been out of service due to passenger flight restrictions, can be modified to deliver cargo. The seating was removed from passenger planes and WV Medical equipment was loaded for delivery. 

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, WV Medical in partnership with the IAG Group, managed to deliver hospital equipment to where it was most needed.